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Taking pictures or videos during the experience is strictly forbidden. Doing this will ruin the experience for those yet to do it. We cannot risk spoilers. At the end of the experience there will be an opportunity to have pictures taken with your group. If you have any questions or concerns that we have not been able to answer here please send us an email at events wickedexperiences. Toilets are not always available at our venues as they may be occupied by Zombies.

Our locations are all in town centres where there are plenty of local amenities. Companies registered in England and Wales Company No. Award Winners - Best Zombie Experience. Zombie Nightmare Locations. Frequently Asked Questions How long does the experience last?

The Day Zombies Ruined My Perfectly Boring Life

Where are the Zombie Nightmare locations? What are the Payment Options? What is the Minimum Age? Are there any restrictions or accessibility issues? What if I arrive late and miss my specific time-slot? What clothing should I wear?

Where can I park? Can I drink before the event? How many people are there in a group?

When Your Ex is a Zombie and You Just Want to Hang: WATCH - Towleroad Gay News

Groups consist of a maximum of 12 people. Do I need a full team of 12 people to book? Do you do discounts for groups? How does it all work? How do you kill the zombies?

  • Blinded by the Bling.
  • How Brad Pitt ruined the zombie genre, according to George A. Romero?
  • Our Bestsellers.

You cannot kill the zombies. They are already dead. Do we use weapons? Do the Zombies touch you? Can I bring my own torch and video equipment?

The Mesmerizing Science of Garden Sprinklers

It's also already well entrenched in my iTunes top 40 most played songs list after this weekend. Keep up the great work. Another excellent tune! I do hear Weezer in their though, essence of "Beverly Hills.

Yay for the zombies! And yay for the guy from German who used the word "frelling" I want to compile a list of sci fi swear words I've turned you on a a local friend of mine and this song made me giddy when I thought about forwarding the link to her. She never remembers names, though, and just refers to you as the "fucking outside," guy.

This song is brilliant and funny, and the music and singing are top notch as well! Never been here before, just followed a link from friends. An instant classic, and a reminder that there are not enough zombie songs out there.

Rick Grimes makes final stand on 'The Walking Dead,' but he'll be back in new movies

Cause zombies have feelings too. This has gotta be one of my favorite songs you've done. This just rules!! It's probably already made it onto my most played list on iTunes. This is too effing awesome to even articulate.

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Why you haven't yet made a kazillion dollars off of songs like this is one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. JC, you are amazing! My personal favorite of all the songs of yours I've heard, probably since I have an unreasonable obsession with the undead. I'm working a video of sorts using random pictures of businessmen, clips from Dawn of the Dead and Evil Dead , cards from Twilight Creation's brilliant "Zombies!!! It'll probably suck since I've never tried anything like this before but, meh.

Have GobbleGum Ruined Zombies?

I'm sorry I haven't been able to support you financially at all, but I have no steady source of income. Never again will I be able to go to my boss and say, "John, let me pick your brain about--" I shall freeze in mid-sentence, this goofy grin will creep onto my face, and I shall promptly collapse onto the floor in paroxysms of hysterical giggling, and I'll be fired on the spot, and they'll come, and they'll tie me up, and they'll take me away, and my wife will be left penniless, and my dog will starve, and it'll be ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!!

I want to wish the above guy with the video software luck. This really does need a music video. I'm picturing something along the lines of a zombie "We are the World. Perhaps a funny video could be made from Shaun of the Dead clips. Hey, Re: Your Brain was featured in the german Podparade - www. It's a really good show bye the way, you can register there and vote for you favourite song. And of course I voted for you.

I hope so. Ad Astra. Hey, great job at the Bookeaters benefit concert last night! I'm glad you've still got this song available for download, as it was one of my favorite surprises of the night. I only knew your Baby Got Back cover and the Hobo Names collaboration, but now I've got to check out the rest of this site. OK, I liked Code Monkey. A lot. But the way it turned out was a downer and, you know, I've been on bot sides of the code-monkey-rob discusison and I've really wanted to tell some idiot whose code wasn't functional or elegant to get out of my fucking way so I can write a login page that doesn't suck But, man, this just blows Code Monkey away.

Best corporate song of all time. I'm picturing one of the guys from Dilbert with "manager hair" as the zombie Hey guys. The only comment i can really leave about this is My friend had this played at his wedding last week. We his friends were all shambling around the dancefloor, but I'm not sure what the parents' generation made of it all I'm with Arlo no, this is not a suckup. It's anthemic That being your world, I must say, which we just live in. Substituting "Eat" for "Rock", I mean. And don't get me started on when they sing " Gobbets of Brain in the Mall". I tried the "Buy the song" link, but got an error message: "There is a problem with the link used.

Please contact the site administrator. Heard this in NC on Nearly died. Heard it again on the Phantom Frequency radio show, and found out who you were. This is godly.

Typed in "eat your brains" at yahoo and got these sponsor reults Buy Eat Your Brains Fast. Eat Your Brains on Sale. There's a world event going on in World of Warcraft right now where zombies are invading the world. Lots of people are quoting this song in game and in forums.