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Menu Blog Video. The planets A classic lecture series exploring the solar system. About this series. Lecturer Carl Sagan Duration Space and time.

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Lecture 2 The outer solar system and life Is the origin of life a cosmic commonplace? Lecture 4 Mars before Viking Mars through the eyes of Mariner 9.

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Lecture 5 Mars after Viking Life on mars? Engineering Space and time.

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Lecture 6 Planetary systems beyond our sun Do other solar systems exist? Related topics. Shape of the Earth and Gravity. Modern measurements. The Rotating Earth Rhythmic Sky series Lecture 2 - 24 hours defined as one revolution, causing night and day. Direction of rotation.


East and West. Clockwise and counter clockwise. Sun as seen from N and S hemisphere. Midday sun noon. Modern Time system and Time zones. Motion of the stars.

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  • Comets - Visitors from the frozen edge of the Solar System.
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  • Earth (ES 10) -- Syllabus.
  • Astronomy (Prof. Pogge Au).
  • Celestial poles and Latitude. Circumpolar and rising and setting stars. Variations in LOD. Measurements and explanation. Atomic clocks and UTC, Leap seconds.

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    Secular slowing of Earth rotation. Time zones and Daylight saving time. Polar motion. Precession and nutation. Annual orbit around Sun. Direction and speed as compared with other planets. Sidereal and Solar day. Seasons, ecliptic and axial tilt. Declination of the Sun.

    Arctic circles and Tropics, Equinoxes and Solstices. Sun angles. Orbit and Gravity. Elliptic orbit of the Earth. Equation of time. Calendar and leap years. Celestial sphere, RA and declination. Axial tilt and Precession. Measuring Latitude and Longitude. Moon phases. Lunar cycle and Daily movement. Angular size and distance. Orbital plane of the Moon. Tidal locking. Near side and far side. Lunar topography. Lunar calendar and life on Earth. Lunar and Solar Eclipse. Elliptic orbit and libration. Dance of the planets and retrograde motion. Phases and distances.

    Visibility, naked eye and telescope. Transits of inner planets. Use of Orrery software. Mythology of planets and other bodies. Minor planets and asteroids. Kepler Orbital motion, History and significance.

    Lecture 1 Formation of the Universe and Solar System

    Periods of the planets. Seasonal Ecliptic. Magellanic Clouds and other objects. Star names.

    Proper motion. Stars in constellations. N and S hemisphere views. Magnitude and brightness. Atmospheric effects.

    Carl Sagan Christmas Lectures 6: Planetary Systems Beyond Our Sun - video dailymotion

    Star charts and Planetarium software. Exploring the Solar System Series. Exploring the Solar System Series In this series we travel virtually through our Solar System, visiting planets, and many moons, minor planets, asteroids, and comets.