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This chapter reviews the KELT planet discoveries, describes their scientific value, and also briefly discusses the non-exoplanet science produced by the KELT project, especially long-timescale phenomena and preparations for the TESS mission. Skip to main content.

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KELT for Scientists

Alard C Image subtraction using a space-varying kernel. The Upper Scorpius association. A gas-giant planet transiting a rapidly rotating A5 star. Note that this is just a summary.

More references to the scientific publications and comments can be found in the commit messages. To see these, head over the github or click here to directly go to the git blame output of this system. In the left column of the output you can see the commit message corresponding to each parameter. It also lists the date of the last commit and the person making the changes.

Within the commit message, you will find a link to the scientific publication where the data is taken from. Note that this is a new feature and not all system parameters might have a reference associated with it yet.

Please help making this catalogue better and contribute data or references! To edit this page, request access to the workspace.

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