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Kubrick's Right-Hand Leading Man. It sings an unsung hero, and through him, all the unsung heroes of Hollywood.

But his name didn't disappear from the credits of Kubrick's films; it merely moved down. Zierra encountered him while making a documentary about Kubrick's last film, Eyes Wide Shut, and immediately pivoted to focus on him. Former Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Schneiderman sat down with Alec last Thursday, just before news broke in the New Yorker that four women have accused him of, in the magazine's words, "non-consensual physical violence.

But we felt we should put this episode out, and put it out early, so that people have access to as much of his recent thinking as possible. The introduction to this story has been updated.

Do any guys wait until marriage?

Some combination of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young played together for 50 years until That was a brush with death that left him in need of a liver transplant and a new approach to life. This is the first episode of Here's the Thing's question-crowdsourcing experiment. Stay tuned for another call for submissions soon. Jeffrey Toobin is such a TV institution as a legal commentator that it can be hard to imagine him in casual clothes, outside a news studio. Toobin wrote the definitive books on both.

Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin

Ever wonder what each of OJ's lawyers thought about his guilt or innocence? Listen and learn. As he tells it, their songs were the only thing that could mellow out his rough crowd in high school. Hayward muses, "Here we are now talking about the Justin that was, from 17 years old to 30 years old, and this ghost is always with me. Celebrity journalism has never been the same. Min's take is fascinating and genuinely surprising: think Frances McDormand with a dash of Deneuve. Crowe and Alec are friends, and it comes through in their affectionate back-and-forth about movies, writing, family, and the bands they love.

Michael Wolff, Chronicler of Chaos in Trumpland. His creation changed the landscape of both music and magazines. It also put Wenner, a suburban middle-class kid, into the heart of the counterculture. He tells Alec about his complicated relationships with the greatest stars of their generation, from Dylan to Jagger to Lennon -- and about the brilliant writers like Hunter S. Thompson whom Wenner found to document their lives and times. In the s, Wenner became a media mogul, too, acquiring titles like Us Weekly that brought unprecedented wealth and thrust him even further into the public eye.

That exposure was a mixed blessing as he dealt with coming out of the closet and, this time with his new husband, becoming a father to young children again in his 60s. Kyle MacLachlan tells Alec, "I get it. Brilliant Minds of Trash and Sewage. New York City generates 1. Eight million pounds of recyclables. Think of the awesome engineering and effort behind making all of that "go away" without our thinking about it.

Alec wanted to nerd out on those secret systems, and the conversations that resulted are fascinating and fun: you don't get into this line of work unless you have a passion for it. Ron Gonen was New York City's first "Recycling Czar" and now thinks about the problems of waste-management from the perspective of a businessman: he's the CEO of a major investment fund looking for the Next Big Idea in recycling. Pam and Ron walk Alec through what happens from the moment people flush the toilet or toss out their coffee-cup -- and they talk about the big-picture environmental impact of our choices.

Farmer Hoggett in the Slammer. Confidential, James Cromwell realizes his roles with unmatched emotional honesty. The two actors swap stories about shared teachers, loves, and frustrations — and political protest. Cromwell might be the most committed activist in Hollywood: his civil disobedience has led to multiple arrests and even a stint in state prison. When John Dean found his conscience, America found its backbone and impeached a president.

The Nixon Administration tried to undermine American democracy during the election of through now-legendary dirty tricks aimed at their Democrat opponents. They almost got away with it. Then he began cooperating with investigators, and blew the case wide-open.

Dean is one of the most complicated and fascinating characters in modern American history. In a frank and funny conversation with Alec Baldwin in front of a live audience, John Dean opens up about how it all went down — and how it could go down now under Trump, who he says shares Nixon's paranoia and authoritarian instincts.

When two people who really love something talk about what they love, the exuberance is contagious.

A movie theater handed out free water that was impossible to open. Why? - Upworthy

When Gilbert took over in , he was just 42, one of the youngest orchestra-directors in the country. Plus, the two men discuss which pieces overwhelm them with emotion, and the art of directing an orchestra: why are conductors even necessary, and what makes for a great one? Nobody chronicled the go-go 80s like Tina Brown. But Brown herself was at the center of it all.

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Michael Jackson wanted a moment of her time. She did cocktails at the Kissingers'. Alec draws out what it took to build VF, why Brown left for The New Yorker, and her personal struggles as she tried to maintain her confidence, her integrity — and her family — through it all. Steve Erickson Saw Trumpism Coming. Untempered by rationale and open-mindedness, fury eventually consumes democracy rather than nourishes it. And he has to decide which books best model each one for his students. Below in the order in which it came , is that list.

A Visit to Barbra's Place. Barbra Streisand has had multiplatinum albums every decade going back to the 60s.

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Their collaboration changed the sound of the late 60s, but their difference in temperament ended up driving Bachman out of the band. That's thanks to his dogs, his poetry, and a very dedicated fan-base. As head of HBO Documentary Films since , Sheila Nevins has exerted more influence on the medium than perhaps anyone in its history. She has overseen the production of literally hundreds of documentaries, which have won dozens of Oscars. But when it comes to telling her own story, truth gets trickier.


All three were revered and haunted by internal demons—a narrative she knows too well. Bosworth's own father, Bartley Crum, was a left-wing lawyer who famously defended the Hollywood before succumbing to his own psychological pain. It was her father's suicide, as well as her brother's six years earlier, that instilled a strong desire to seek out the stories of other tormented souls. Patricia Bosworth's latest book The Men in My Life turns that voyage inward, painting a picture of a resilient woman with a tragic story of her own. How Charles Munn is Saving the Amazon. Today, he does this through SouthWild.

Much like the staggering beauty of her voice, Audra McDonald is impossible to ignore.

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  6. She talks to Alec about getting into Juilliard, making it on Broadway, and the suicide attempt that helped shape who she is today. Many words can be used to describe singer-songwriter Jon Anderson; cautious is not one of them. It was a painful moment for Coppola, but one that gave her a firsthand look at the vulnerability of stars. Philip Galanes Lies Like a Rug. An avid reader and passionate wordsmith, he returned to his alma mater, Yale University, a few years after graduating to get his law degree.

    But decades into a career as an entertainment attorney, his life took a different path. Today, the brains behind the New York Times advice column Social Q's, he proffers advice on everything from ex-boyfriends to sibling rivalry. The common theme among them all: a little fibbing never hurts. Joe Jackson Suffers No Fools.