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It can also ignite that spark within you that you've been trying to find! So, go for it! It seems JavaScript is disabled or not supported by your web browser. It is required to experience Olympia Publishers properly.

Please enable JavaScript and refresh this page Learn more. Norton later this month. The winner of the National Book Award for Poetry, Half-light gathers together the best of Bidart and takes a look at humanity in all its manifestations: the compassionate and the beautiful, the violent and the obsessive, the outcast and the misunderstood, the vulnerable and the brave, the complex and the brilliant.

Filled with energetic, playful, rebellious, and powerful verse, I Wore My Blackest Hair takes readers on an intimate journey through one Chinese-American girlhood: self-discovery, negotiating heritage with sense-of-self, grappling with the racism the poet faces as a Chinese-American, and ultimately the power she discovers in her own coming-of-age journey.

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Winner of the Walt Whitman Award and published earlier this year, Afterland: Poems by Mai Der Vang is a striking and often painful, but critical, collection. The poet tells a story of a story of displacement and exile — that of the Hmong people who were forced out of Laos as refugees — and the writing is harsh, beautiful, and resilient. Unaccompanied by debut poet Javier Zamora takes readers across the fraught terrain of the U.

If you want to utterly lose yourself in a powerful, heartbreaking, relatable, empowering, feminist I could go on… poetry collection, be sure to pick up Thousands by Lightsey Darst, before the end of this year. They are the lashes of a forest of thought. Matejka offers a fresh set of figures for describing the youth of Black Americans now entering middle age. These new English-language collections by Marosa di Giorgio, long considered a major figure in Latin American literature, are the product of a great translator who has immersed herself, with thoughtfulness and dedication, in the life of a writer whose work is spooky, mystical, dangerous and magnificent.

my fav poetry books for depression, anxiety, self-help, etc. :)

Shapero writes in an urgent vernacular that flirts, stings, implores and demands with apparent abandon. Out of the decaying body, Farid Tali has wrought song. Every sentence surprises, adding up to an exquisite book unlike any other. This is political poetry at full force. This is what political poetry must look like if it is going to be serious.

We cannot be satisfied by less complex texts—they are so hopelessly infantilizing. This is our wake-up call. From Brooklyn, USA to Hebron, Occupied Palestine, we take a feminist journey through rage and serenity, through violence and love, through ancient times and imagined futures.

This stunning volume reminds us that conflict and contradiction can produce hope and that poetry can orient us toward a future we may not yet realize we want.

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  • Geschichte der Unruhen in Frankreich, welche der Regierung Heinrichs IV. vorangingen. (German Edition);
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Here we are repeatedly being reborn into different forms as we heal our severed wings and fly. Our new body inhabitations are woven with scars and our every encounter with meaning is eroticized.

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Are we the so-called alien forming the foundation of the real or an impossible unicorn creating new rituals for a world that awaits us? With her torch of internal expansion Mg Roberts brings us the fire and lights up the Sea. Someone who looked and lived like them—young, immigrant, and undocumented—had written a book. Almost always, the poems unfurl using a line that feels continuous, like a sustained exhalation, making each poem an emotional river.

While the poems have delicacy of image, they are relentless in their momentum. The gradual erosion and dispersal of our physical selves, our decomposition into the elements, these perpetual disappearances mortality insists on, are sung of here, along with the fact that spiritually and scientifically, all this leave-taking is also a form of fecundity.

These are incantatory and hypnotic poems.

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In these fervent poems of disparate landscapes are catastrophic feelings of sadness, loss, and alienation. And they drive forward with a slantwise musical sensibility inventing itself via angular rhythms, dense and sparse spaces, and an open feel for texture that is powerfully sensitive, and rare. About Entropy. All Introspection. Leukaemia Travelogue July 5, Variations: Landslide June 12, Variations on a Theme: Walls June 5, Of Ghosts and Pearls July 10, The Crosswalk June 12, The Birds: French Whimbrel June 11, All Collaborative Review Video Review.

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Collaborative Review. Lords of Waterdeep in Conversation February 25, Video Review. Basal Ganglia by Matthew Revert March 31, Small Press.

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