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Soldier who survived IRA attack thanks first responders as he returns to scene. Eight servicemen were killed in the Ballygawley bombing in Co Tyrone in Dave Hardy was among the 28 injured, and he suffered broken bones and a brain injury. On the eve of Remembrance Sunday, a special gathering was held in Omagh.

International Ties: Soldiers Become Guardians of the Black Sea in Multinational Training Exercise

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Last month, two U. The Ministry said the suspect was believed to be an employee of the departments, reported the New York Times.

Soldier who survived IRA attack thanks first responders as he returns to scene

In another February attack, U. Marine Lance Cpl. Edward Dycus was shot in the back of the head by a uniformed Afghan soldier while standing guard at an outpost in Helmand province. In response, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said attacks by friendly forces are not a trend, stating: "These still are sporadic incidents, and I don't think they reflect any kind of broad pattern.

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  5. We reported Secretary Panetta's message was at odds with what Gen. Allen said about insider attacks being "characteristic" and "expected" in the kind of war the U.

    Timor trip inspires ex-soldier to remember | Guardian News

    And it now appears Panetta's remarks really have been nullified by Gen. Search icon A magnifying glass.

    On the frontline with British troops in Afghanistan - Guardian Investigations

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