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I'm going to get a Cosmopolitan.

What does foo-foo mean?

Mark: A Cosmopolitan? That's such a foofoo drink! An adjective describing something that is very pretty or cute but has no real utilitarian value. Something that is nice to look at but serves no other purpose. My mom keeps buying me these foo foo ceramic statues to put on my dresser.

I really wish she would stop wasting her money on them. Adj, Overly, cloyingly feminine or effeminate.

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Noun, Offencive fragrance products perfume, Colongue, ect.. Adj: I know he thinks he is dressed all GQ , but those clothes are just foofoo. Noun:Walking from the back of the bus to the exit I walked through a cloud of foofoo that left me tasting it long after the bus had gone.

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  2. I say vagina you say foo foo?! What the hell do you call yours? |!
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  4. Oltre il fornello: Segreti e consigli del re dei cuochi (Italian Edition).
  5. Osservazione acuta - p. I (Italian Edition).
  6. Lasino (Italian Edition)!

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Foo Foo the Snoo

After boiling, they're cooled under cold running water and drained. They're peeled if necessary, then mashed, often with a little butter.

The mash is then formed into balls and served. More dry ingredients can be added if the foo-foo is too thin to hold its shape, but foo-foo more often tends to be too thick.

Foo Fighters - The Pretender

This problem can be remedied by vigorous stirring. Foo-foo isn't a meal by itself. Foo-foo usually accompanies a dish that has a lot of sauce. It's meant to be eaten with the fingers, but a spoon, knife, and fork will work, too.