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He meets a woman who is a recluse, but wealthy and has a young girl living with her. The woman wears a wedding dress that is very old and worn. Any ideas? When I was young we listened to an audio book of a classic novel, it might have been one of the Russian classics but I'm not sure. A man was trapped in a prison and his captor was demanding unreasonable sums for him to have things like clothing and food.

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He would ask for something and the fee would be a million dollars. I've wondered what this book was for years, any help would be wonderful. I think one of the pages had a beautiful illustration of a little blonde girl sat on a rock thank you for any help. Protagonist is a girl 2. She uses magic and meets a few nonhuman characters along the way 4. The information I have on book I'm looking for is very limited.

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It's a children's book about a dinosaur and I think he had a babysitter that he was trying to scare all night to no avail. I don't remember very much more other than this. I was a young kid when I read this so it was published sometime from the mid 90s or earlier. I could've sworn it was a red cover but I really don't remember. Any information would be a huge help. Romance novel about a celebrity and his ex who get kidnapped and placed on an island while being held for ransom.

He uses his skills to build them a hut of some kind and they bathe in a waterfall.

And eventually he woos her once again and they make love throughout their time on the island. They signal a boat or plane or something and get saved from the island. The book I am searching for is about a princess who was taken at birth and believed to be dead but she lived because she was traded with the wet nurses daughter, so she lived and the wet nurses daughter died. When she found out who she was she returns to her home with jewlry to prove that she was the princess but the king believes she was lying and then he began to believe that she belonged to the wet nurse.

Through out her journey she is spending time with his right hand man who is supposed to get the truth out of her through any means necessary including sex and he does so and ends up falling in love.

In the end the king believes her and she marries the right hand man. Hi I am trying to remember a book which I read and want to get the stories continuation because it ends in a cliffhanger. It is about a young woman who is running away from a wizard who is obsessed with her, His parents are both mages and his fathers eyes have gone white or silver has gone blind from over using magic.

His mother is the same as he is having the curse of the werewolf. The cover has a rose or has rose in the title. Really trying to get this mystery solved as the book was not mine and cannot remember much of the story. A mystery from the last 6 or 7 years. Poet from WW1 is locked in asylum in England. The girl is watching her little brother, and he gets hit by a car. The cover of the book is of a table, looks like it may be at the restaurant the family owns.

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Book from the 70s that I believe had the word Green in the title, or maybe Bag, or maybe not It described how to preheat marijuana for use in recipes by sauteeing it. But it also had a lot of bits of wisdom of the age; it was sort of like what a book made from a blog would be today. Looking for an old book I read back in the early 70's about a young girl named Laura who is turning eighteen and being released from an asylum she has spent her childhood in. Her parents sent her there after she set fire to the sofa. She has an older brother named Phillip who left home for the service, I think.

Dark haired princess can't leave castle grounds, gets lured out by these weird woodland gremlin things and kidnapped, the king her dad busts out some dope ass ninja skillz and whoops those gremlin's asses. One jumps out of a window after having sex with two men. Any information on this book would be great. The book is about a girl who runs away in a town where children are not trusted and so are kept in silver chains till they reach a certain age and just as she was about to get her chains removed in a special ceremony it had to be postponed and so in that moment she ran away.

Then she ended up in this museum that seamed small on the outside but was really a never ending shifting labrinth on the inside that had alive historical figures and stuff.

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And one could only navigate the labrinth if you thought a certain way and their was a young boy also there and the didn't get along at first so the guy who was in charge of the museum made them work together but then the authorities under the guise of looking for he swept through the museum looking for the horrible door that must never be opened which had a bunch of civil war soldiers behind it. And then something happens and it doesn't end well for the bad guys, that's all i remember.

Im looking for a book where the main characters sister runs away and eventually comes back pregnant.

She ends up passing away somehow but the doctors keep her body alive to nurture the child until its ready. I do remember the main character would visit her often to uncurl her fingers and help move her muscles so she wont stiffen. Hello, I am looking for a book I read in elementary school around It is about a Queen, she has a lovely navy dress that the king loves because it reminds him of the night sky. One day the king gets sick, really sick. The Queen keeps finding ways to make him more happy. So she steals the stars and has them sparkle on her dress like glitter and shows him.

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And it makes him smile. So she steals the moon and puts it on her brooch and it shows the moon phases on the brooch. Again he smiles his beautiful wife wearing the beautiful sky. She steals the individual planets next. Stealing bits of the sky from the sky. The day the king gets better he goes out on the balcony to see the precious sky his queen has been reminding him off. And he looks out and its just dark. He is saddened that the subjects of their kingdom have been deprived of the night sky.

Elementary Magic: Relic Hunter Book 1

The queen, seeing his dismay throws all the planets, stars, and the moon back out into the sky for all to enjoy. I'm looking for a book I checked out multiple times in grade school ? Alot more stuff I cant seem to remember but it was a big hardcover book. Hello, I'm trying to find the name of a book I read in High school. The only facts I have about it that I can recall is that the society of people were forbidden to climb the mountains.

The main character does so towards the end of the book only to find that their world is inside a dome where the sun is on a track. Also the character finds something that says "Heat seeking robot" on it. I never got to read the entire book and it has driven me crazy for years. I graduated in I'm looking for a book about a guy who's steals someone's skin and wears it as a disguise to hide.

I'm looking for a book I swear its called Into hell or something along the lines. Its about guy whose girlfriend gets into devil worshipping and she sets their house on fire and dies only to come back to to try and kill him. I believe it was printed in the 90s. I am looking for a book I read in grade school maybe printed in the s or s about two women who had a head and body transplant, or swap.

I believe one of the character's name is Julia. Any comments or suggestions about how to find it? Or the title? I'm looking for a book I read in my middle school library. It was a novel about a girl having a imaginary friend after she moved to a new town or something along those lines? I vaguely remember the cover being a pastel yellow.