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Anyone can be the black sheep for just about any reason. Jerry Jellison, a psychology professor at the University of Southern California. Those values can be moral or ethical; they can rest on success in business or involvement in sports or the arts.

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The black sheep is simply the person who deviates from the family rules. Ted Vidmar, a child psychiatrist in Pasadena, Calif. Where we come from in Colorado, psychiatry is not quite understood. Thomas Lasswell, professor of clinical behavior at the James A. Peterson Center for Human Relations at the University of Southern California, said most black sheep were self-defined.

Still, Dr.

The Black Sheep

Lasswell said, most people who call themselves black sheep have actually distanced themselves from their families. One self-defined black sheep, Hunter Marquez, said: ''I'm from New Orleans, where no one ever leaves. My family has been there for generations and generations, and they don't trust anyone who's been gone for more than 10 minutes. In the South all you have to do is cross the state line and you become the black sheep.

Marquez, an artist living in Los Angeles, continued: ''My mother and father are straight arrows. They have no idea what I do. I go back and they ask 'What are you doing? You still looking for work? Pass the eggplant and the crawfish. As for going home for Christmas, this black sheep bleats ''baa humbug. Marquez said. The extra pressure of a large family gathering would simply be too much. Michael Dare, an underground artist-critic-musician in Los Angeles, proclaimed: ''I was the black sheep growing up.

And I'm still the guy standing in the corner muttering, 'Who are all those people? Dare said with a sigh: ''I truly wish I could think of Thanksgiving as a holiday of pleasure, but I think of it as a holiday of torment. I would give thanks if I could stay home. So why does this black sheep return to the fold? Dare said simply: ''My mother calls me up and wails that, 'Your family does so much for you.

You never do anything for your family. That's not quite true. Stone said. The skeleton, Ms. Fortunately, that also means he's immune to all sorts of magic. Aero from 12 Beast gets quite the unfortunate reputation thanks to her black wings. The latter two are well-mannered and studious while Sakurako is lazy, immature and struggles with school, relying primarily on her best friend Himawari to help her.

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Albrecht Strong of Tom Strong , who was conceived by his mother's rape of an unconscious Tom. He was raised to be a cruel Nazi and represents the Aryan ideal. Just don't call him a "black sheep"; he would die before anyone lumped him in with that "schwarze" family of Tom's. He calls himself the family's "white sheep" instead. A petty criminal, his first appearance shows him threatening at Casey at gunpoint in order to steal money supposedly hidden in his grandmother's house.

Later on, he becomes a member of the Foot Clan. It does not end well for him.

Audible - Hörbücher Download | 30 Tage kostenlos testen

Among the Batfamily , three characters fit this trope at one point or another of canon: Huntress was considered "too extreme" by Batman due to her willingness to use deadly force, and at various points they fought. Eventually they learned to get along passably well. Her efforts to infiltrate the Gotham Mafia and destroy it from within eventually even earned his approval. Oracle : And what about the least favorite daughter?

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The Black Sheep does exactly what it says on the tin. A successful hard-working career girl in Ankh-Morpork is not happy at the coming of her favorite uncle, who she knows to be a con-man, grifter and scrounger.

He has also been expelled from their native country for serious criminal offences against the State. Bait and Switch : Captain Kanril Eleya gives the impression that she likes her family but doesn't really fit with them. Swinging Pendulum : Amongst the cheerful and dark-haired Shiba, the pessimistic and bright-haired Ichigo tends to stick out.

He also sucks at Kidou, which happens to be a clan specialty. Gou in Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations , as some of his log entries states that when Chase was reformed, he began considering himself to be this, which drove a wedge between him and the rest of the Special Investigation Unit. A Man of Iron : Antony Stark grates his cousin Ned's sensibilities by his arrogance, vanity and self-centredness.

Tony knows it and gleefully goes out of his way to mock the "proper" Northern way, seeing it as stagnant and unlikable. All That Glitters : Lampshaded. Erich, one of the nicest members of his large family , left years prior to the start of the story. Anna comments that it sounds like he's the "brown sheep" of the family, with Hans being the black one. Films — Animated.

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However this is due to his own attitude, rather then the others' actions. Simba even seems to like him when he was a cub. Zazu: There's one in every family, sire—two in mine, actually—and they always manage to ruin special occasions. Mufasa: What am I going to do with him?

Films — Live-Action. When Marcel is murdered, she's drawn to the house and suspected of being the culprit due to her secret meetings with him. The movie Black Sheep has Chris Farley's character being a major pain to his politician brother because he's fat, loud, and clumsy The Bollywood film Sooryavansham , in which Amitabh Bachchan was in a dual role has Heera as the odd one out of his family.

While his two older brothers and older sisters are seen as high-achievers by their father, Thakur Bhanupratap Singh coldly regards his youngest son as an idiot who failed to live up the high expectations he set for his children. But despite being neglected by his family, Heera is very benevolent and obedient , and hopes to earn the respect of his father.

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His father finally acknowledges him as his son in the end. Black Sheep has two brothers who were fifth-generation sheep farmers. The younger one was considered a " Golden Boy natural-born farmer" until a combination of his brother traumatizing him and his dad's death at the same time caused him to develop a sheep phobia and he fled to the city while older one took over the farm and developed mutant-were-sheep-zombies that are also related to them.

The title could refer to any of these. Joshua in Little Odessa : due to him being a hitman for The Mafiya , he is banished from home by his father.

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